Double Beds : 1 double bed
Single Beds : 2 single bed
Occupancy : 1 to 5 adults
Location : Ground floor
Size on m² : Approximately 40 m²
Size on ft² : Approximately 430 ft²
Bathroom : Shower bath

All economy apartments are located on the ground floor, at the level of the courtyard of the hotel and have a balcony, fully equipped kitchenette with kettles, electric rings, air conditioning, fridge, wireless internet, TV, blankets, bed sheets, pillows. Extra beds and baby cots are also available upon request. (There is an added charge for extra beds, there is no charge for baby cots).
Apartments are located on the ground floor of the hotel with balconies view the beautiful red sky at sunset and neighbouring hotels in Zakynthos island. Apartments are ideal for famelys, couples or friends. Each apartment has 2 separate rooms. One room has a double bed, the other room has 2 single beds and a fully equipped kitchen.

Rooms Amenities

  Safety deposit box
  Hair dryer
  Bed sheets
  Private bathroom
  Private balcony
  Free wireless internet
  24 hous hot water

Additional Information

Tips on finding your perfect room in Zakynthos.
1. Think ahead
Search for hotels in Zakynthos before your arrival, and using words like Zakynthos hotels, hotels zakinthos, zante hotels, hotels zakynthos will not only help you find a suitable hotel for your holiday, you will also find websites with general information on the island, informing you of the sights to see and activities available in Zakynthos.
2. Look Up Reviews
We advise you to look through forums and websites with comments from people who have visited the island and have spent their holidays in Zakynthos. This will help you decide and judge what hotel has good facilities with affordable prices that will certainly ensure a pleasant stay in Zante. Hotel Vanessa is one of the preferred hotels in Zakynthos with competitive prices compared to other hotels.
3. Be Thorough
Don't leave anything to chance! Check out various websites before you make your decision. The more attention you pay to details the more likely you are to find a hotel to suit your needs.
4. Be Realistic
There is no perfect hotel out there, and expecting perfection will only set you up for failure. We do our best to offer you a wonderful holiday! If you follow steps 1,2 and 3 you will surely come close.

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